2016 One Lap of Memphis route sheet

If for any reason you need to drop out, call or text Pam @335-0583,

so Pam is not looking for you at Herb Parson's with your lunch


Follow the crowd to Stanky Creek (7.5 miles to Stanky)

Lap Stanky Creek clockwise (all the loops)

Turn right on Yale (5 miles to Jackson)

Turn left on Scheibler

Turn right on Stage, then quick left on Coleman

Turn right on Raleigh Lagrange (about 500 yards past Stage)

Turn left on Old Austin Peay, stay on east side of bridge, against traffic

Turn left at driveway after Wolf River bridge

Continue on Palm Rd at dead end ride on billboard road

Ride to Covington Pike, cross under Covington Pike and duck into the trails by the lake to avoid Mt Mulchmore come out at the Drive-In

Ride to Summer (Mapco across the street)

Turn right on Summer, crossing over Summer to the opposite side

Ride sidewalk under 240, turn left on White Station

Ride over Sam Cooper, turn left on Mesquite, quick left on Boswell

Turn left on Podesta and quick right on Greenline

Head over the river on Greenline, take Blue WRT after Greenline bridge

Ride to Walnut Grove

Turn left on Silo Rd. to Tour de Wolf (water and bike wash station here)

Lap Tour de Wolf in the blazing sun

Head back down Silo Rd, turn under Walnut Grove, hit singletrack (Blue)

Ride to Germantown Rd.

Head south on Germantown Road over the Wolf River

Turn right in grass toward Breakaway, turn on Greenway heading East under Germantown Rd

Ride Greenway approximately 1/2 mile, take first left toward river that will turn into single track

Take single track, following pink ribbon until it merges onto new Germantown Greenway

Before greenway circles under Wolf River Blvd head straight on gravel two track leaving greenway

Cross over Wolf River Blvd to the correct side of road heading East

Turn left on Houston Levee

Turn right on dirt road after the Wolf River Bridge, Hit the Far East Epic

Look for Pink Ribbon, stick to trail closest to river, there is about a mile of snake infested swamps but the rest is Epic

Alternative route: continue on Houston Levee and ride up Houston Hills

Turn right on Raleigh Lagrange

Turn right on Bethany (after Monterey)

Ride Bethany till it dead-ends at Collierville greenway

Turn at huge concrete culvert.

Ride greenway to Collierville-Arlington road, always taking the trail closest to the river

Turn left at Collierville-Arlington (6 miles to lunch)

Turn right at Raleigh-Lagrange after 2 miles

Turn left on Fisherville Rd. after 2 miles, climb hellacious hill next Herb Parsonís

Arrive at Herb Parsons on the right

Eat Lunch (change clothes, fill up with water)

Lap Herb Parsons, taking the longest loops of course

Turn right on Fisherville Lake Rd (16 miles to Lakeland)

Turn left on Macon, head over 385

Turn right on Collierville-Arlington (look for water tower in the distance, that's your next turn)

Turn left on George R James

Turn right on Reid Hooker (the first right turn you will get to, missing the street sign)

Cross Highway 64, Reed Hooker turns into Inglewood (Store at intersection)

Turn left on Sumac

Turn right on Chambers Chapel

Turn left on Memphis Arlington

Turn left on Canada

Right at IH Managerial Park (Lakeland)

Ride Lakeland (hit the yellow trail first) Water spigot behind small storage building, if a whore bath is needed

Left on Canada

Left on Memphis-Arlington, hello legs!!!

Right on Brunswick, crossing Highway 70, app Ĺ mile to Craven

Left on Craven

Right on White Oaks

Right on Oaks Crest Cv

Right in driveway to finish,food, beer and BS

Congrats, you did it!

If for any reason you need to drop out, call or text Pam @335-0583, so Pam is not looking for you