7/02/2016 10:45 PM; Schuyler O'Brein after riding 100 miles and winning the Ironbutt trophy for perseverance. His longest ride before was 30 miles!!!



Formerly known as the Ironbutt 100, One Lap of Memphis will tie all the mountain bike trails together that the Memphis area has to offer. This year we are going back to the traditional route, Stanky, Epic, WRT, TDW, WRT, Epic East, Herbs and everyone's favorite, Lakeland. Please remember, it's not a competition, it's merely an exhibition of stupidity

Entry info:

The route is set for 2016, the entry fee will go to a charity, 88bikes. Check it out, your entry fee will buy half a bike for a kid in Uganda, Columbia, Mozambique, Cambodia, Thailand or another needy country. This year it looks like we will be endowing our bikes to heroic survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
We have endowed over 200 bikes so far!

Pre entry this year is 68 bucks, out of that $44.00 buys half a bike (or $110.00 to donate a whole bike so the kids don't cry when the half bike shows up) the other $24.00 almost covers food, beer and shirts. Pre entry only; Pay Pal $68.00 to onelapofmemphis@gmail.com, include your name and address in the email also. The Paypal "Donate" link is at the bottom of the page . Donate it as a gift so all the money goes to 88Bikes.

The first 30 registered get a nice One Lap tee shirt.

The 2016 Route:

After starting at 7AM from the world famous International One Lap headquarters we will head over hill and dale to Stinky Stanky Creek where we will ride clockwise.
After Stanky itís 5 miles to the greatly anticipated, instantly regrettable Epic at Jackson Ave, after the 5 mile epic and scaling Mt Mulchmore, itís on to the drive in on Summer Ave. It's impossible to get through the I-40/Wolf River bridge construction so we will go around it, White Station over Sam Cooper and over to Podesta to the Greenline. Take the Blue trail to Walnut grove and head up to the revamped sunny Tour de Wolf for a lap. After the tour, head back to the WRT Blue ride to Germantown Rd

This year we cross over the Wolf River and head under the bridge to the Greenway and onto the singletrack that will eventually merge back with the brand new Germantown Greenway to Wolf River Parkway and onto Houston Levee

After crossing the Wolf River (again) on Houston Levee, its time for the Epic East that will eventually spit you out all chewed up onto Collierville-Arlington Rd and the Wolf River. It's 6 miles to Herbs and some sub samiches, water melon and water. After a 10 mile lap of the lovely Herb Parson's Lake, Lakeland is a mere 15 miles away, just in time for a character building lap at Lakeland, a few curse words and a couple of hills later itís frappuccino, food and beer time

There will be a small aid station at Stanky creek in the morning, water at Germantown and the Greenway and food and water at Herbs

Here is the Garmin Connect link for the route

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